Financial Investment

188体育网址The finance company under the Group has grown rapidly and gradually became a vital force for the financial services of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and small companies in Fengxian District.

The company has a sound corporate charter, including credit management system, financial management system, risk control system, information disclosure system and other norms of management system. The company's organization structure, administration structure, job responsibilities, management system, credit operation procedure are all characterized by that of financial institutions. After nearly seven years of standardized operation, it has become a new regional financial service organization. The company has adhered to the principle of "small amount and decentralization". It provides services for "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and small enterprises. It has flexible management method and simple operation procedure. It also alleviates financing conflicts and assumes social responsibilities. It is becoming a new force serving the "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and supporting the development of small enterprises in the regional economy and regional financial markets in Fengxian District.

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