Manufacturing Industry

There are two companies under the Groupˊs manufacturing sector:

Vohringer Wood Product and Bama Platinum Spring.

Shanghai Vohringer Wood Product Co., Ltd

188体育网址Founded in 1921, Vöhringer is a legendary wooden product company in Germany with nearly a century of history. Vohringer’s European operation covers a wide range of carpentry products of car interior. In 1996, Vohringer entered China which is marked by the establishment of Shanghai Vohringer Wood Co., Ltd. ,which was successfully listed in Shanghai Stocks Exchange (Class A )in 2017. After 20 years of development, Vohringer has expanded its business in China continuously, forging a solid brand base and a considerable market size. Vohringer always insists on high quality raw materials, professional R-&-D team, advanced technology and equipment, rigorous German manufacturing process, and enterprise management standard persistently implemented in decades long to ensure the excellent quality of products. Vohringer will bear the German wood industry spirit; inject rigorous thinking and ingenuity into each piece of product; continue to lead and advocate for healthy home life.

Platinum Spring Natural Mineral Water Co., Ltd

188体育网址Platinum Spring Natural Mineral Water Co., Ltd is a comprehensive modern enterprise whose business scope ranges from exploiting, manufacturing to selling mineral water. The production base is located in the hinterland of Guangxi Bama which is named "longevity land in the world".

With the world's advanced ultrafiltration membrane water treatment technology, Platinum Spring enables a higher filtration precision. It can remove bacteria and microorganisms that affect human health, without changing the characteristics of the source water, therefore to reserve the natural taste and minerals within the source water. The complete line of packaging equipment of Germany Krones and the complete set of injection molding equipment of Canadian Husky will protect the source water in the production process under closed, healthy and pollution-free environment.

Platinum Spring aims to create a safer, healthier and a more natural environment protection enterprise that will bring health into the homes of ordinary people. It insists on producing good, healthy and natural water, continuing to devote itself to finding better water sources all over the world, providing healthy, premium, high-end drinking water to consumers who value the quality of life.

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