The New Development Group gradually formed the corporate philosophies and culture of:

188体育网址Integrity、harmony、innovation、development、efficiency and excellence

in the development.

  • Integrity

    It is not only the cornerstone for both the enterprise and individual, but also the norm of behaviors.

  • Harmony

    First it refers to the teamwork spirit possessed by the enterprise; Secondly, it refers to the environment and atmosphere in which the society, enterprise and individuals develop and grow together.

  • Innovation

    It is not only the vitality and development of enterprise but also the continuous source of motivation to develop the enterprise; it is awareness and ability that must be renewed through learning by the enterprise and individuals.

  • Development

    The enterprise and individuals must have the awareness and determination of "Going against the water, standing still is moving back". Meanwhile, development is not only the absolute principle but also the standard for evaluating the ability and performance of enterprise and individuals.

  • Efficiency

    The adopted working method and requirement of enterprise and individuals are to pursue the highest rate of return with the quickest implementation at highest efficiency.

  • Excellence

    It is the constant goal sought by the enterprise and individuals.

188体育网址Since the establishment of the Group, the headquarters and affiliated companies have won recognition and good reputation across the industry.

188体育网址 We lead the prevailing tendency with irresistible force; strive to exploit markets both at home and abroad; forge a leader position in the industry.

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